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 Christmas Traditions

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Dee Coopage


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PostSubject: Christmas Traditions   Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:39 pm

WHat Christmas family traditions do you have?

I grew up the youngest of 7 children and there was a lot for mum to do on Xmas day. So for convenience she served a breakfast of pork pie and crisps for as far back as I can remember. Since I left home twenty odd years ago, I have kept the tradition up, only straying once! I actually don't like pastry much and didn't really enjoy it last year.

Recently I discussed it with my DH, at first he was shocked that I wanted to break from the tradition that I have put him through for the past 15 years! But as he said there's no point in haviong something if I'm not enjoying it. SO there you are I have broken free and Xmas Day breakfast is my choice, so I might just have a boiled eggy and soldiers!! santa

When I checked with my mum, there was only me and one of my brothers that was still doing it so I don't feel so bad. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Traditions   Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:33 pm

I love christmas, I really love Christmas Eve... the last minute preparation and anticipation (I get very excited!!!). I always cook a gammon joint on Christmas eve, sausage rolls, mince pies, any other baking that needs doing... the house smells lovely, and I 'know' it's Christmas santa

Usually 3watch a Christmas film on TV or dvd. Big excitement in evening, Imogen (Adam did when je was small) has bath and jammies on, then puts out santa sign, hangs key for him, opens an early present and leaves mince pies, carrot, drink for father christmas.

ILove putting everything in stockings and under tree before bed, and always too excited to sleep much (usually first to wake up!)

This will be my first year of not having Adam sleeping here Christmas Eve... Sad usually the 4 of us get in our bed to open stockings before we go down for beakfast. He has offered to stay over, but his g/friend will be living with him, so I suggested they come later for late breakfast (and rest of day, made sure I have a stocking for her to open too). Big thing for me to let go, but really like his g/friend and just looking forward to brill day with all us together... sigh... feeling christmassy now santa

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Traditions   Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:17 pm

i dont remember anything from christmas'es when i was young, no before you wonder i'm not that old, just being an only child the excitement wasn't there, i know this cos when i had my boys it was!! for years i had to wake them up on christmas morning!!! i was so excited to see their faces i had to wake them before i burst, lol.
this will be our first year that mum has said she'll come and stay with us, she wouldn't have when i was married (they didn't get on) but she thinks pete's best thing since sliced bread, lol. i only found out today that i wont be doing the 12-6 shift at work, my boss has asked if i'll do 6-1 instead, so i'll be home well before tea time, i was worried mum would think i'd only asked her to come xmas eve so she could do tea, lol. now we can do it together, something we've never done. have always wanted to have me, mum and any daughters/ DIL doing meals at xmas, very traditional i know and the only time in my house the men are not asked to pitch in, lol.
great thread Dee, very interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Traditions   

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Christmas Traditions
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